Monthly Archives: January 2005



Internet Soup. Glork back a bowl of this and find out the secret of THE INT3RN3T! …or not. G33K is an animated story (and world) that I’ve been working on that exists because of the internet. It has the usual heroes, villians and in-betweens along with an assortment of robots, zombies, pirates and ninjas. I’ll try to release a short clip soon.


This slime makes the ginchiest green.

Never, ever is there a time or place where there is nothing to photograph. No excuses. There is always something at your feet, in the horizon, or above your head. Lack of subject matter is actually a blessing in disguise and should be welcomed. The same goes for design. Limitation will always be the birthplace of creativity. Give a creative person a problem with very little to work with and you’ll end up with that person handing over a unique solution. Whether it be lack of tools or lack of materials, I’ll always put my money on the one with limitations rather than the one with all the filters, effects, software and hardware. The same applys to life on so many levels…but thats another topic altogether.


The dreaded rocks of BLAHG

It’s a rainy day here on the Wet Coast of B.C. A day of cold, colds, and loads of slush. What better day to fully realize how my blog is going to be used. I promise it won’t get too weird.

Our Zoo

Two dogs, Four cats and two rabbits. Gunner, Karma, Spot, Johnny, Billy, Bubbles, Thumper and Blackberry. The big paw belongs to part of Gunner’s 150 pound mass of Shepard and Malamute. Obligatory puppy shot of Karma (Shepard and Samoyed) gets top billing for today. Notice the dead soccer ball near Gunner’s pawshot? That’s BAD Karma’s work. Gunner appreciates a soccer ball and the joy it brings, Karma on the other hand is the destroyer of balls. They make a great team.

You should see the rest of him. Yeep!