Walter Costinak

Art, Design, Musings


In a world of mass production and even more mass marketing, there’s one thing for sure, clones are becoming a reality. I’m not talking about people particularily, rather the huge sea of me too’s that’s arriving daily on your street, in your neighbourhood and on your back. Cities built on grids with roads that look like every other road, houses that look like every other house, and all the accessories in life that go along with them. I, for one, will not succumb to the land of sameness. No. I will reach back to the past and reclaim some forgotten gem and use it for something else or at least take out my hammer and paint and make it into something different. I’m sure there’s a Fight Club reference that would close this nicely but I’d rather spend that time turning this old metal sewing machine stand into a new table.

mo' interesting than the typical shoes

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