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So once again I side with the undead and join their rank and foul. Every year I try something different in how to work with latex, makeup and general zombification of myself. I think I have the face buildup down to a somewhat science with [evil scientist] “controllable randomness!” [/evil scientist].


The nice thing about building the mask on your face is you still retain a lot of facial expression.

Typical Zombie Pose

I still need to do the hand flesh but thats another improvement for next year. Next year I’ll have to show a film of it as I have some nice tricks/props I want to build. The cumberbunded zombie you see was part of Bride/Groom double-dead attack. Sonni went as the corpse bride. I should have taken color shots as her skin was a pale blue and her dress looked very “unearthed” in the non-flash environment.

hello Mrs.Adams!

Not sure why she’s pushing some really old creepy wheelchair [read: “Hey Sonni, look scary pushing the wheelchair!”] but it adds to the spookiness.

Chair of The Dead

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