Walter Costinak

Art, Design, Musings

This is my thesis as a designer for many years. Repetition and Variation. The key to perfect design in life. Enjoy.

Repetition and Variation.
The perfect design that’s mainly structure with a touch of chaos.
It can be found in all parts of our lives and the Universe itself.

Repetition and Variation.
This is the constant that sets the initial tone followed by something unique.
It’s the spice you add to a well-cooked meal.


It’s the many towers of a castle with a large one in the center. (4+1)
It’s found in a mundane work week followed by a fun weekend. (5+2)
It’s heard in music where a beat is established and a verse is ended by something unique. (3+1)
It’s a painting of a field of corn with one lone sunflower living in the corner. (1000+1)

Believe it or not, it’s found in everything from atomic makeup and evolution to galactic arrangements.

Elections and history are full of Repetition and Variation. Smooth sailing for a while, then a quick, stormy sea.

It’s a vector-based, technical drawing with a small spatter of ink.
It’s a long conversation that’s expected and then takes a sudden turn.
It’s the blue clothes you’re wearing with that little, yellow flower.
It’s the lives we live, mostly the usual, met with something unexpected.

Lifeforms you see are perfect examples. Repetition of arms, legs, stems or branches, repeated, with trunks, unique in size, color and shape.

The pattern of Repetition and Variation is found everywhere. Once you understand it, you will find it.

It’s how you were raised, lots of discipline and little love or lots of love with some light control.
It’s the silver lining at the end of a cloud.
It’s something breaking free from a structure, something different from the rest.
It’s mostly one thing… but partly something else.

Repetition. Repetition. Variation.

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