Walter Costinak

Art, Design, Musings

G33K: The odd little trailer for it.

I had a special side project in my life as a Designer. “G33K”. The odd trailer for a animated short I created.

The premise of it was the story of a Universe that is created from whenever someone deletes a file on their computer. Delete spam, it shows up in their Universe – as something…a parasite, a thorny, growing weed, a strange character, whatever. They have a type of officers called “CTRL” that monitor incoming deletions and eradicate them.

This is a super brief glimpse at what I was working on. It was a lot further along but I’m finding some of my old backups have failed. These pieces, the movie opening logo and a brief, lo-res show of the overall look. All done in Photoshop and an early version of Flash. No 3D involved. I hope you enjoy it. 

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