“Secrets Hidden Within” Opens

I’m happy to announce my Art Show “Secrets Hidden Within” has opened at the Kariton House Gallery in my home town of Abbotsford, BC. The show runs until June 20th and is open to the public (read: Free) Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m and Saturday & Sunday, noon – 4 p.m. The art ranges from 3D sculptures I’ve made to hanging art of various types. The address of the gallery is 2387 Ware Street, right next to Trethewey House. Thanks to all those who’ve supported me and my craziness over the years, especially a big thank you with love to my wife Sonja.

Dimension 629

There are only 3 screws and 1 nut holding this piece together. The rest is comprised of springs, collars and such. Above the clock-faced rabbit there is a marble overseer rotating in his spring chariot and then above is a rotating coil representing our universe unravelling. Motorized piece with 3 points of light.


I made this out of old junk (broken down machinery, peoples throwaways, etc). No welding, all metal and glass. I hope you like it as it was fun to build.


The dark side needs some light to balance things out.

Happy happy

More sweetness.

Happy happy 2

Samantha, stop pestering me about the Avenged Sevenfold concert or more pics will be posted. Love Dad.

Hello from Canada!


So once again I side with the undead and join their rank and foul. Every year I try something different in how to work with latex, makeup and general zombification of myself. I think I have the face buildup down to a somewhat science with [evil scientist] “controllable randomness!” [/evil scientist].


The nice thing about building the mask on your face is you still retain a lot of facial expression.

Typical Zombie Pose

I still need to do the hand flesh but thats another improvement for next year. Next year I’ll have to show a film of it as I have some nice tricks/props I want to build. The cumberbunded zombie you see was part of Bride/Groom double-dead attack. Sonni went as the corpse bride. I should have taken color shots as her skin was a pale blue and her dress looked very “unearthed” in the non-flash environment.

hello Mrs.Adams!

Not sure why she’s pushing some really old creepy wheelchair [read: “Hey Sonni, look scary pushing the wheelchair!”] but it adds to the spookiness.

Chair of The Dead