Walter Costinak

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Designing in the negative space

“The Getaway” – quick vector art today.

Proud to have designed this:

“Interrupted Conversation” by Walter 2 Costinak

Rainy Night Ride by Walter 2 Costinak

Internet Tree by Walter 2 Costinak

I’ve started a Threadless shop! Get some of my art on a T-Shirt or something! =)

“Predator’s Spring” by Walter 2 Costinak


The logo for the movie I just posted.

G33K: The odd little trailer for it.

“LOVE” by Walter 2 Costinak

Latest art: “Selfie Aware” by Walter Costinak

Art I made today: “Space Kitty”

Vector Art: “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Vector Art: “Groovin”

Vector Art: “Blarp and Bleep”

Art I made inspired by recent events and “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, November 2, 1883

Vector Design: “Wally Walnut Television Show”

Vector Art: “Here’s my card”

Vector Art: “Data Drive”

“Love to the power of 2” Vector design.

Hot Sauce design

“Sonni Laughing” – vector art.