Walter Costinak

Art, Design, Musings

“Colourful Sonni” vector art I made of/for my wife.

My Mom. 1960’s

“FLY” Art I made just now.

Whale Watcher 2019

“Flight” – art I madetoday

Art I made this morning.

“Brighten” – Design for today

Gaming Groove brand Character sheet 2001

GameSpy Industries logo I designed long ago. Secondary image: smoking gun. Thanks Joe for the animation.

Spring Art I made.

Happy New Year

Thank you

“Walking Dawn” Vector painting/poster

Self Portrait 2, November, 2018

Designing in the negative space

“The Getaway” – quick vector art today.

Proud to have designed this:

“Interrupted Conversation” by Walter 2 Costinak

Rainy Night Ride by Walter 2 Costinak

Internet Tree by Walter 2 Costinak

I’ve started a Threadless shop! Get some of my art on a T-Shirt or something! =)

“Predator’s Spring” by Walter 2 Costinak


The logo for the movie I just posted.